Plumber Kovan


Kovan is largely composed of residential units like terraced homes, semi-detached homes, and bungalows. It’s considered one of the best towns in Singapore because it’s a foodies’ haven, with amazing local restaurants, hawker centers, and the famous Kovan food street!

Our plumbers are always available to serve residents of Kovan for their plumbing installation and repair needs. We also work with small business owners for their plumbing needs. To ensure quality work of our plumbers, we monitor their work and provide training for them. We also ensure that they have tools that are working well and up to date with competent plumbing standards. We do all kinds of plumbing work from pipe repairs, sink repairs, water heater installation and repair, and toilet unclogging, among others. Call us at +65 90991333 to know what we can do about your plumbing issue.